IRA Elections

We currently have one position available for fall 2019:

Vice President/Treasurer

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Position Description:

Vice President and Treasurer: The Vice President and Treasurer is in charge of setting the IRA budget for each academic year and maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of IRA’s expenses and income. As Vice President, one must perform all duties of the President in their absence and work closely with the President to ensure the organization’s executive board and general body members are working efficiently and effectively.

This is a special election open for residents to apply who meet the following criteria:

  • Must currently live on campus
  • Must have one semester @ UVM under your belt
  • Must be excited to make change

This special election will take place at our first General Body meeting Wednesday September 11th at 8pm in the Harris Millis Garage. If you are interested and or want more information, feel free to email Amya Crounse  (