Looking to Get Involved in the Residence Halls?

One of the best ways to get involved with IRA and the Residence Halls at UVM is through Hall Council! Each complex has it’s own hall council that you can join!

Think of Hall Council like Student Government in High School. Getting involved in your Hall Councils give you the opportunity to make friends and get to know others, advocate for change on the residential complex level and become a leader of your communities! Regardless of your niche or previous experience, there is a spot for you in Hall Council!

Be on the look out for Hall Council information when you move in to your complex this August! But just in case you’re curious, here is what you can expect timeline wise:

August 29th – September 9: Hall Council Recruitment
Each Hall Council advisor will announce the date(s) of individual complex Hall Council information sessions, where you can learn more about the positions available, what to expect from Hall Council, and how to get involved. Here is a listing of all the Hall Council Information sessions:

8/29 – Trinity, McAuley Lounge, 8:00PM

8/30 – Converse, Ground Floor, 8:00PM

8/30 – CWP, Wright 114, 8:00PM

 8/30 – L/L, Building B, Room 132, 8:00PM

8/30 – MSHCR, Hamilton Lounge, 8:00PM

8/30 – The Sheraton, Sheraton Lobby Fireplace Lounge, 8:00PM

8/30 – WDW, WDW MPR, 8:00PM

8/31 – Harris-Millis, Harris-Millis Garage Classroom, 8:00PM

8/31 – MAT, MAT Classroom, 6:00PM

8/31 – UHN, UHN Lobby, 6:00PM

9/6 – UHS, UHS Lobby, 7:00PM

Also during this time, you will be able to apply for your candidacy, run for your position, and get elected.

September 9th: Hall Council Elections Results

At the end of the elections cycle, each Hall Council Advisor will contact elected individuals. If you’re not elected, no worries! There will still be opportunities to get involved with your Hall Council and IRA!

September 13th at 8:00pm: First Hall Council Meeting

This will be the first chance you’ll have to meet your Hall Council team!

September 18th- 9:30am – 4:30pm (Tentative): Hall Council On-Campus Retreat

This will be the first of many Hall Council large-groups! You’ll meet other elected members from the different Hall Councils across campus, learn how to be serve in your positions, and begin developing the leadership skills that will help you excel in Hall Council and at The University of Vermont! More information to follow!

If you have questions about getting involved in Hall Council, contact Brandin Howard at blhoward@uvm.edu!