Looking to Get Involved in the Residence Halls?

One of the best ways to get involved with IRA and the Residence Halls at UVM is through Hall Council! Each complex has it’s own hall council that you can join!

Think of Hall Council like Student Government in High School. Getting involved in your Hall Councils give you the opportunity to make friends and get to know others, advocate for change on the residential complex level and become a leader of your communities! Regardless of your niche or previous experience, there is a spot for you in Hall Council! Below is the contact information of the Hall Council Advisors separated by living community.

Wing, Davis, Wilks, Mason, Simpson, Hamilton

Woody ScypionRachel Greene

Christie, Wright, Patterson, Coolidge, Redstone, Slade

Eloisa Romero

Harris, Millis, University Heights South

Nora Rosales-SotoJosue QuilesJae Jaeger

University Heights North

Vivianna Alvarez

Marsh, Austin, Tupper, Living & Learning

Jean RoblesJessica CottonArnelle SambileDoretha Benn

Central Campus Residence Hall

Marquis WilliamsMagdalena Gracia


Musbah Shaheen

Jeanne Mance

Janine Silvis

Upcoming/Current Events:

If you have questions about getting involved in Hall Council or are interested in the National Conference Coordinator in Training position, contact Payne Hiraldo at Payne.Hiraldo@uvm.edu!

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