Flipped Clasrooms and other pedagogical approaches

Replacing the slightly older concept of Hybrid Courses, the term “Flipped Classroom” has been gaining in popularity across blogs and news sources.  (And in terms of sheer buzz, both are currently being outdistance by MOOCs.)

If you have been wondering about what the Flipped Classroom approach is and what it might mean for your teaching these resources might help.

 A culled, yet comprehensive, list of articles about Flipped and technologies that might be useful for various aspects of the flipped classroom can be found at:


The growing collection of links on Flipped Classrooms, added to weekly, can be found at:


Most of these listings are annotated for easier skimming. As of now I have stopped adding general articles that describe what flipped is–there are just too many “us too” articles. However I will continue to add articles that contain some unique aspect, are discipline specific or suggest detailed activities  or approaches for use in (and out) of the classroom. In addition, changing the “flipped” term in the URL above with the term hybrid, MOOC, or FHM will call up all articles on hybrid courses, MOOCs, or all three flipped/hybrid/MOOC, respectively.

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