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HST287: historical production, push

I’ve noticed that, even on the web, people stay in their circles. Despite “literature searches” we tend to follow the same sources, the same groups around. Will push technologies change that? Will academic push information break through those circles? Something … Continue reading

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Book: Companion to Digital Humanities

Coming in November. Looks to be quite useful. Have sent in request to library to order it. A Companion to Digital Humanities – Book Information

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Site: Innovate ed tech journal

A new journal that features research and practice in IT in education. Looks like it’s a blog, too. Innovate – October/November 2004

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WordPress, Liz Lawley’s Scripts

Liz Lawley’s scripts: Again, the page on her site that details how to get this up and running is here:

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moving here

Moved to this new UVM blogspace. Duplicated some of the old entries from other blogspace at: didn’t bother with some other older experimental blogs, except to grab the first curmudgeonly message from a real old one…

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