Why should an Information Technology Specialist at the University of Vermont be talking about digital history, digital humanities and the incorporation of digital tools into teaching instead of strict tech talk? The MA in History might be clue, or a long-standing romance with the TEI, ebooks, electronic writing, digital surrogates and other intersections of the digital with cultural expression.

Why Centre-Table? The name comes from a section of Godey’s Lady’s Book, the 19th century periodical of literature and culture. Louis Godey and his co-editor, Sarah Hale, developed relationships with their readers through their conversational editorial pages. They shared letters written by their readers, commented on the literature of the day, encouraged authors, particularly women authors, and even carried out personal shopping requests. The parallels to our own social networking sites is uncanny…

(For another glimpse of the past, my original web site begun in 1993 is still out there.)

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