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Costume Society and links

Links The Costume Society, of the V&A, has their journal’s TOC online as well as this useful page of links to costume museums and collection.

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HaperCollins digitizing books

HarperCollins Will Create a Searchable Digital Library – New York Times

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USATF Map drawing

USATF – America’s Running Routes – Map It Combining Google maps and satellite images with a distance plotter means you can draw a mpa along your favorite routes and see the distances. Good for those routes that don’t lend themselves … Continue reading

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Michael Sperberg-McQueen quote

Mike always has the best quotes: “Texts cannot be put into computers. Neither can numbers. Computers can contain and operate on patterns of electronic charges, but they cannot contain numbers, which are abstract mathematical objects not electronic charges, nor texts, … Continue reading

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Rahtze: TEI XSLT

talk-transform.pdf (application/pdf Object) Sebastian Rahtze’s excellent slides on TEI/XSLT/XPATH, how to do it, syntax, what it means.

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