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McCarty Humanities Award

News Update Humanities Computing ‘Wizard’ Honored for Scholarship The National Humanities Center, a private institute for advanced study in the humanities, awarded Willard McCarty its 2006 Richard W. Lyman Award in recognition of McCarty’s contribution to the field of “digital … Continue reading

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BSAD/SoE TabletPC Grant Award

External Research & Programs: Tablet PC Technology, Curriculum, and Higher Education 2005 RFP Awards BSAD and S of Engineering have received a grant from MiscroSoft re: Tablets with which they will, in part “ocus groups will be conducted in BSAD … Continue reading

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collaborative writing app

Simple software to help you get organized: 37signals Writeboard: an online collaborative writing app, multiple authors, multiple updates, all stored by date, compare versions, etc. (also see “Writely”). For wiki-like projects on a small scale?

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O’Gorman course: running posthuman

Bodies/Technologies II – Schedule Author of E-crit (see previous posting), here is the syllabus for O’Gorman’s recent course: “While tech corporations sing the praises of our increasingly “mobile” way of life, America is actually growing more immobile each day. . … Continue reading

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book: E-Crit: Digital Media, Critical Theory, and the Humanities

UTP Publishing “In E-Crit, Marcel O�Gorman takes an ambitious and provocative look at how university scholarship, pedagogy, and curricula might be transformed to suit a digital culture.”

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Google Notebook What does it do? Allows you to cut/paste or one-click post information from any web site or the site’s Google entry, along with notes that you write yourself. My first reaction was: “Cute, but isn’t this just another way … Continue reading

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Google notebook: Humanities Computing Resources

Humanities Computing Here’s my public Google Notebook of Humanities Computing Resources. A beginning…

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gimme O2

A very strange sign of the times…�|� TOKYO (Reuters) – Exhausted Japanese workers in need of a pick-me-up will soon be able to get a hit of canned oxygen at their local convenience store….

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Article: Scan this Book

Scan This Book! – New York Times The article discusses the global library, scanning all books, etc., and how search and connections will remake the knowledge of the world. Kevin Kelly is the “senior maverick” at Wired magazine and author … Continue reading

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OpenXML Developer The place to keep an eye on how developers are integrating XML into Office/Word. Includes code for writing a web app that accepts text and turns it into a Word document. May, in future, contain news of apps … Continue reading

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