Today’s App: Swivl

I hesitate to post this one as a “Today’s App” because I have not actually gotten or used it yet. However, it looks like it might be a good solution to a recurring difficulty.

One of the challenges in implementing a Flipped Classroom is video capturing a lecture or demonstration. Yes, you can set your camera on a stand, tripod or table and record your lecture yourself, but that limits you to one small area. If you like to move around, or if you are trying to write on several boards or demo a process, you may end up walking out of the frame. Of course, you could find a cameraperson to film your every move but that turns a process that should be simple, and that can be done at a time convenient to you, into a scheduling nightmare.

swivl.comNow there’s a app for that. Rather, it is a device: Swivl.

Pop your iPhone into the holder, put the lanyard on, and the device swivels the camera to follow the lanyard (it’s infrared). I imagine audio will be a challenge. One solution would be to add the narration later using simple screencasting software. Available for $179. iPhone/iPod Touch now, iPad version coming this fall.

As I said, haven’t tried it yet, but if the funds become available I think this might be a keeper. If anyone else tries it first I’d love to hear your reaction.

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