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Mark Sample has posted a list of digital humanities sessions at the upcoming MLA (2011). Topics include distribution of labor in digital humanities, Computational Methods of Literary Research, publishing, research, writing, our online image, and many more.

Cathy Davidson of HASTAC continues to delight with some musings on several Mozilla/HASTAC projects mentioned at the first international Mozilla Drumbeat Festival on “Learning, Freedom, and the Open Web.” Of  interest is the Classroom Organizer, Anne Balsamo’s idea for a tool “that almost instantaneously allows students [in a large enrollment class] to organize by interest-group, preference, or another specialized method in order to pursue a project or an idea in a small group setting.”

Ray Tolley’s blog “eFolios in the UK and Europeon” contains a post that reminds us of the questions an organization should ask “before you launch into implementing ePortfolios at your education institution.”

A new blog, Alternative PhD, has been set up for “Alternative Academics” or those graduate students or post-grads who are following or considering a non-traditional academic path. This seems to be a new theme among digital historians and humanists. As Bethany Nowviskie puts it, these alt-acs (#alt-ac) represent a “broad set of hybrid, humanities-oriented professions centered in and around the academy, in which there are rich opportunities to put deep — often doctoral-level — training in scholarly disciplines to use.” (On a personal note, it’s nice to finally have a tag for for what I’ve been doing for the last 15+ years.)

Is it a book or an app? Yes. Stephen Elliott’s book/app “The Adderall Diaries” blurs the line by combining a built-in online reader’s club with the book.

And last, links to more links: ProfHacker’s Teaching Carnival is a “snapshot of the most recent thoughts on teaching in college and university classrooms.”

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