iPads for Scholars, Pt. 2

Thanks to all who attended and contributed. Inés kindly noted the apps that were discussed. Here they are, with links to the web sites for more information. All apps are available through the App Store on your iPad.

Evernote – capture it (notes, web page, photo, screenshot), organize it, find it

NYTimes – Editor’s Choice is the free iPad app (news, business, technology, opinions, arts, features, videos). Other sections available as iPhone/Touch app (will appear small on your iPad screen.

NPR – news, live streams, etc.

Stanza – ebook reader (reads ePub and eReader books, not Kindle books). Links to a library, free and non-free books, free sheet music, can download books purchased from Fictionwise. Can share books from your Mac or Windows version of Stanza.

Kindle – ebook reader. Syncs with your Kindle.

Nook – Barnes&Noble’s ebook reader.

FreeBooks, ePubBooks – more books!

Quick Graph – graphing calculator

Goodreader – for reading all kinds of files, especially PDFs (it will reflow text to fit page). Coming soon in version 3: PDF annotation.

iAnnotate – “integrates its annotations directly into the PDF such that they will be available to any standard PDF readers like Adobe Reader or Preview. You can transfer PDFs via email, iTunes sync or even clicking any PDF web link in the integrated web browser.”

Instapaper – save web pages for later offline reading.

Timae Management apps – mentioned in our session were Things, Easy Task, OmniFocus, and Taska. Several of those, and others, are reviewed here.

DocsToGo – open, read, and edit .doc, .ppt. .xls files; access these files on your iPad, from Google Docs or other online services, or from a folder on your Mac.

DragonDictation – trascribes your voice to text

Penultimate or Boxwave pens – stylus for the iPad

…and a couple that were not, but that I’ve experimented with:

SharePlusLite – connect to your Sharepoint sites

WritePad – handwriting recognition – takes notes with a stylus or finger, save as text

Pandora – access radio stations via your iPad

Atomic Web – another browser, instead of Safari

PadInfo – get stats on your iPad, battery life, etc.

WordPress – access and edit your blog from your iPad (that’s how I wrote this!). WordPress is the new UVM blog tool for public blogging. Check it out at http://blog.uvm.edu

AppShopper – the place to shop for Apps

Did I miss some?  Let me know…

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