AAP Reports Book Sales

Some numbers from the Association of American Publishers from data from major book publishers comparing 2007 to 2008:

Overall sales down 2.8% (to $24.3 billion)

Trade paperbacks up, trade hardcover way down for an overall decline of 5.2% (to $8.1 billion)

Higher education textbooks up 2.7% (to $3.8 billion)

Mass market paperbacks down 3% (to $1.1 billion)

Religious books down 7.6% (to $724 million)

Audio book sales down 21% ($172 million)

eBooks up 68.4% (to $113 million)

So, while eBooks are doing well they still represent only a small fraction of total book sales.

Story and link to data here: http://www.publishers.org/main/IndustryStats/IndStats/2008/2008_Stats.htm

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