Learning Styles Sorted

Learning Styles have been a persistent topic in educational discussion for at least the past 20 years. Typical of any topic related to teaching and learning, opinions have ranged from defining the “magic key” of learning styles that will open the door to the best ways to teach everyone to a more recent backlash that declares “there are no such things as learning styles.”
The Learning and Skills Research Center (now LSDA) of the UK has published the report “Learning Styles and Pedagogy in Post-16 Learning: A Systematic and Critical Review.” This book-length (200 pp) report “critically reviews the literature on learning styles and examines in detail 13 of the most influential models.” It attempts to summarize current theory about learning styles, describe current definitions or models, suggest an agenda for further research, and explore what that research has to say about practice.
Here’s the link: http://www.lsda.org.uk/files/PDF/1543.pdf

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