Digital Promise

Digital Promise continues to move along. It has now passed the US House and Senate. According to the website it :
“. . .seeks to establish the Digital Opportunity Investment Trust (DO IT), to be funded by revenues from a portion of the Congressionally-mandated auctions of publicly owned telecommunications spectrum or other federal sources. DO IT’s goal is no less than to transform America’s education, workplace training, and lifelong learning through the development and use of the revolutionary advanced information technologies comparable to those that have already transformed the nation’s economy, its communications system, media, and the daily lives of its people.
DO IT will enable the nation’s schools, universities, libraries, museums, and public broadcasters to reach out to millions of people in inner cities and remote regional areas, no matter how poor or deprived, in the U.S. and throughout the world, with the best of the educational and informational content now locked inside their walls. It would support the research and development of new models and prototypes of educational content, taking full advantage of the Internet and other new digital distribution technologies.”
One to keep an eye on…love the bit about comparing it to the Land Grant College Act…

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