Powerset: Smarter searches for Wikipedia

Powerset has been working on a search engine that incorporates natural language and semantic web technologies. They’ve just released their first product which is used to search Wikipedia. According to their blog:
“Instead of being limited to keywords, Powerset allows you to enter keywords, phrases, or questions. Instead of just showing you a list of blue links, Powerset gives you more accurate search results, often answering questions directly, and aggregates information from across multiple articles. Finally, instead of leaving you at the search page, Powerset’s technology follows you into enhanced Wikipedia articles, giving you a better way to digest and navigate content quickly. This post serves as a jumping-off point for all of the key information about the launch.”
So, if you often search Wikipedia. or if you often use Google to search but end up at Wikipedia, you might want to try Powerset instead. Rumors are that Google will be trying to catch up soon…

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