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A new group (on Yahoo, which at this time seems a bit quaint) has been added to the pantheon of places to discuss digitization and e-texts. The specific topic of this group, according to its creator Jon Noring, is “for serious, in-depth discussion and information exchange, technical and non-technical, of the digitization of “paper” publications, such as books, periodicals, etc. The focus is heavily on public domain texts (the co-founders’ general interest), but not limited to that.” The group’s home page is at
As people are introducing themselves, I thought I’d capture some of the URLs being posted…they may provide some interesting leads.
(In no particular order)
1) – a company that converts legacy (proprietary) content to XML
2) Three projects from Concordia Theological Seminary – electronic Luther and Lutheriana – Walther Library: pro bono ecclesiae: Theological Resources, and – Saarinem’s Village: Images of the Concordia Campus (hosted by PALNI – Private Academic Library Network of Indiana’s ContentDM server)
3) – Supreme Court of Queensland Library digitization project (digitizing letterpress books from 1874)
4) – European Centre for Minority Issues Ethnopolitical Map
5) – a company that provides document conversion, typesetting and print on demand services.
6) – University of Virginia Press ROTUNDA “publication of original digital scholarship along with newly digitized critical and documentary editions in the humanities and social sciences. ” David Sewell’s group which, of course, uses the TEI!
7) – The Spencer Archive
So, so far, only one self-identified TEI using site, and several commercial service sites. No doubt there willbe more to come…

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