We won’t write it for you but…

ResearchBitch.com offers a service to “do the drudgery of research for you.” Claiming that they use a “patent pending search technology — there is nothing quite like it on the web,” they will take an assignment, a phrase, a page, or any block of text, up to 1,000 words, feed it through their search process, and return a list of sources for you to read.
For those of us who find the research to be the best, most fun, part of any project, this approach sounds off-putting. For those of us who are interested in the murky continuum between original scholarly work, plagiarism and paper mills, this site provides more fuel for discussion. It appears that all the sources found by Researchbitch are being drawn by way of Google, so for those who decry student use of Google as a sole search option, that fuel for discussion might be quite combustible.
What do you think? Should researchbitch be seen as evil incarnate, or as a reasonable place to jump start your research?

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