Word 2007 and Blogging

Word 2007 has arrived and upon installing it I see it has an option to post to your blog. Like Google Docs, the online word processor, finding the correct publishing settings is one challenge, solved like this:

  1. In the Office Button menu, choose New, then choose New Blog Post
  2. In the Blog Post tab, click on Manage Accounts.
  3. In the Blog Accounts dialog box, click on “New”
  4. In the popup box, in the “Choose Your Blog Provider” dropdown menu choose “Other”
  5. For settings, use these:

API: MetaWeblog

Blog post URL: http://NETID.blog.uvm.edu/mt/mt-xmlrpc.cgi (where NetID is your own UVM netid, aka your blog name)

User Name: your UVM NetID

Password: Your password

Word will try to make the connection. If you have several sub-blogs it will ask you which one you want to post to.

Once set-up, posting to that blog is as easy as typing your post and clicking on “Publish” in the Blog post tab.

To edit your blog posting:

You can edit your blog postings at a later date. It’s not precisely intuitive:

  1. Open Word, choose New: New Blog Post
  2. Once the Blog Post window opens you will see an “Open Existing” icon in the Blog Post tab. Click it and you should see list of your blog postings. Choose the one to edit. Edit it. Publish it.
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