AAHC Conference: Open Source History: Making History Public

Open Source History: Making History Public
The American Association for History and Computing (AAHC)
2007 Annual Conference
In association with the Brown University Public Humanities Program
Providence, RI
April 19-21, 2007
Join the American Association for History and Computing and Brown University’s Public Humanities Program for an innovative look at how technology is allowing for a shared public dialogue between historians and a broad public audience. This conference will be of interest to anyone who is charged with bringing history to a general audience, including museum professionals, archivists, librarians, historic preservationists, filmmakers, as well as academic historians. The conference will explore:
• The role of technology in breaking down the barriers between historians and the larger public
• Ways that historians have used digital technology to communicate with diverse public audiences
• Ways in which the practice of “academic history” is altered when made public
• The “wikipedia-ization” of history
• New forms of collaboration between historians, archivists, librarians, historic preservationists, teachers and students
• New forms of display and historical representation
All presenters must be current members of the AAHC. For more information about membership, please visit our website http://theaahc.org

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