Stanford Syllabus Tool

“Stanford Syllabus is a central, online repository for Stanford class syllabi. It is a project from Stanford’s Committee on Undergraduate Standards and Policy and developed by Academic Computing. The goal is for students and their advisors to browse through syllabi to help select the courses that are right for them.”
The FAQ:
Faculty or their designates can upload their syllabus as a .txt, .doc, .rtf, .pdf, or .html to the tool, which then makes them searchable by term and discipline. They can also point the tool to a URL. This is useful because the tool does not talk to other course management systems. Thus, the faculty member can keep one copy of the syllabus as the ‘live’ copy, and point both the syllabus and their course management system (ex. WebCT) to one URL. That file could easily be updated via WebDav, obviating the need for multiple editing/uploading that hampers many current attempts to make living syllabi available.

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