TEI Day, Kyoto 2006 Proceedings

East Asian Center for Informatics in Humanities
Proceedings available at:
* TEI Day in Kyoto and activities of the TEI
OHYA Kazushi (Tsurumi University), Christian Wittern (Kyoto University)
* Why was and is TEI unknown in Japan and will it be better known there?
TUTIYA Syun (Chiba University)
* Languages with scarce textual materials and markup technologies
MATSUMURA Kazuto (University of Tokyo) abstract
* Marking up spoken dialog corpora
TUTIYA Syun (Chiba University), ITAHASHI Shuichi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, National Institute of Informatics), OHSUGA Tomoko (National Institute of Informatics)
* Markup problems: Syntactical analysis and steps to their resolution
OHYA Kazushi (Tsurumi University) abstract
* TEI: An overview
Syd Bauman Brown University and Lou Burnard, Oxford University abstract
* Towards an internationalized and localized TEI
Sebastian Rahtz, Oxford University abstract
* XML mark-up of biographical and prosopographical data
Matthew Driscoll, University of Kopenhagen abstract
* Presenting TEI texts using topic maps
Conal Tuohy, New Zealand Electronic Text Centre abstract
* Exploring TEI XML documents with XQuery
James Cummings, Oxford Text Archive abstract

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