Let’s create a complex

Let’s create a complex document in Word for testing in Writely, to see how well it translates to .doc, pdf or html.

This change has been added on a subsequent day.

Here’s are several font changes and color changes.

Here is a table:

These cells are merged and text is centered

Cell a1

Cell b2

Cell c1

Cell b1

Cell b2

Cell c2

Now for some indents and bullets:

  • item 1

  • item 2

    • item 2a

    • item 2b

    • item 2c

  • item 3

  • item 4

This is the Heading One Style

This is the Heading Two Style

…and let’s not forget a picture:

OK, I actually had to edit the image src by prefixing it with http://www.writely.com. I’m told the Writely folks are working on a simpler method.

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