This is a test document

This is a test document created with Writely. Writely is an online word processor that allows you to create documents using standard word processing features (including a spell checker). But that’s just the beginning. It also lets you

  • import documents in .doc, .rtf, and then save them as html, doc, rtf and PDF files.
  • set up multiple collaborators so you can share and edit documents together, as well as view revision history
  • publish the documents to your blog

As I try out the features I’ll let you know how well it works.

Test 1: Upload Word doc
– create a doc in Word that includes font changes, color changes, a table, some styles, some indents with bullets, in essence al the standard kinds of things one might find in a Word document, including a picture
– upload the document to Writely, which translates it to HTML
– the result? looks like a good translation: everything carried through including the picture (without having to upload it separately)
– the code? exceedingly clean for a Word doc! This might be our best “save Word as HTML” option yet!!

Test 2: Create PDF
– took the above doc file uploaded to Writely
– chose “Save as PDF” and saved it to the local drive
– opened it with Acrobat: voila! Looks just as it should
– Conclusion: Now Windows users can get free PDFs too!

Test 3: Republish to Blog
– edited this file to include test results and chose “Republish to Blog”
– Well, you are reading this new version so I guess that works too!

By the way, I just spell checked this in Writely and it took less than one second.

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