Experimenting with Word

We get lots of questions about using Word to create web pages. Obviously, we don’t recommend this method. Word tries very hard to translate it’s own rich formatting language into a language, HTML, that was never designed to be a formatting language. The resulting file is filled with code that can cause problems when one tries to edit the resulting HTML file.
Here are several examples of files that have been created in Word, then translated into HTML files. To see exactly how Word has translated the file, look at it using View: Page Source:

Original Word document

Word document saved as a Web Page
Word document saved as a filtered web page
Word document, contents copy and pasted into Composer, then saved
Word document, save as filtered web page, then, while still in Word, contents copied and pasted into Composer
When you copy and paste text from Word directly into Moveable Type’s entry area (this area) you lose all formatting except for line breaks.
If you save a Word file as a filtered web page, open it in Composer (a simple HTML editor), and copy and paste the source code into a blog entry, here is the result:

Sample Document

Sample Document


This is a document to see how translations from
Word to
other programs alter this original document.


Here is a paragraph with a first line indent. It
is indented
using the Format: Paragraph: First Line Indent to .25 inches.


Here comes a bulleted list:

  • Item one
  • Sub-item one
  • Sub-item two
  • Sub-item three
  • Sub-sub-item one
  • Sub-sub-item two
  • Sub-sub-item two
  • Sub-item four
  • Sub-item five
  • Item two
  • Item three

    Here is a table:

    Cell a1

    Cell b1

    Cell c1

    Cell a2

    Cell b2

    Cell c2



    And another table with some interesting formatting
    different borders, cell width set to content size, and some joined


    Three Joined Cells

    Cell a1: a lengthy bit of text

    Cell b1

    c1: right aligned contents

    Cell a2

    Cell b2

    c2 right aligned contents

    Cell a3

    Cell b3

    c3 right aligned contents

    Cell a4: this cell has different borders

    Cell b4

    c4 right aligned contents



    This paragraph has some italicized text,
    some bolded
    , and some underlined text as well as text in several different fonts.


    How does the translation handle Styles?


    Here are two styles: heading 1, double indent with
    a 6 point
    space above:


    Heading 1


    This paragraph has a style applied to it that
    the paragraph .5 inches on either side and adds a 6 point space above

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