CFP: SSAWW (conf. and book)

A publisher has contacted me and would like me to submit a book proposal on my proposed SSAWW panel titled “Popular Nineteenth-Century Women Writers and the Literary Marketplace.” Though I can only accept four papers for the conference, I need about ten papers for the book. I would like to get the book proposal out before the end of this year; therefore, please note the deadline listed below.
The focus of the book will be on the American marketplace and how women writers dealt with their editors (“gentlemen publishers”). In other words, how did the woman writer’s relationship with the publisher influence or change her work? The book is open to poets, short story writers, novelists, playwrights, and women editors. Other topics related to the marketplace are also welcome, and I will “zero in” on specific topics when looking through the proposals. I include my original call for papers below. If you are interested, please send a 200 word proposal and a short cv to me by November 30, 2005. You may send an email to or mail your proposal to me at the address below.
Popular Nineteenth-Century Women Writers and the Literary Marketplace
>>We invite papers on any aspect of popular nineteenth-century women
>>writers and the literary marketplace for a round-table discussion. Of
>>particular interest though, is how the marketplace influenced women
>>writers’ creations (writer/editor relationship, author/audience,
>>author/other writers). Please send 200 word abstracts to Earl Yarington
>>( within an email message by November 30, 2005.
Earl Yarington, Assistant Professor
Neumann College
Room 302 W, Division of Arts and Sciences
One Neumann Drive
Aston, PA 19014-1298

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