UVMDC meeting

June 23 meeting agenda and notes:
1) Project CATalog – the university has put together a study and implementation team headed by Al Turgeon to design a business document
imaging/content management system for administrative processes. While primarily directed at the “business” content of UVM it is also looking at tie-ins to academic efforts. Simply put, they are trying to figure out a way to pull together the disparate content now scattered throughout the UVM web, individual departmental databases, etc.
Notes: will be meeting with Cataalog again in July. Even if it is not directly addressing academic needs may be able to leverage some of what they do re: equipment, people, processes.
2) ACCESS (www.uvm.edu/~access) – Nick Ogrizovich is gearing up to scan and deliver hundreds of documents.
Notes: UVMDC has no direct way to assist but will keep communication open so that any university plans are coordinated.
3) dSpace, ContentDM – what’s new, what’s working, what’s not
4) electronic theses and dissertations – someone at the library is working on this. Details, anyone?
Notes: Paul!
5) Leahy project
Chris: $248K earmark. There are still details to be worked out re: what can be published as Leahy is still in office. They decided they did not want an education/teacher/learning objects site, but want to fund infrastructure.
6) Others projects/ other news
Hope will update UVMDC site and place collections on top page.

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