Educause: blogs, wikis, other 2004 teaching/learning

TOC : Educause Review, September / October 2004
Educational Blogging
Stephen Downes
The process of blogging – of reading onlin, engaging a community, and reflecting on it – is a process of bringing life into learning.
Going Nomadic: Mobile Learning in Higher Education
Bryan Alexander
How are wireless, mobile technologies and their emergent trends, such as swarms, affecting the learning environment, pedagogy, and campus life?
Wide Open Spaces: Wikis, Ready or Not
Brian Lamb
The needs met by “wikis”—documents posted online for open editing by all—are simply not being satisfied by present IT strategies and tools
Game-Based Learning: How to Delight and Instruct in the 21st Century
Joel Foreman
To learn more about videogames in academe, the author spoke with five leading-edge thinkers in the field: James Paul Gee, J. C. Herz, Randy Hinrichs, Marc Prensky, and Ben Sawyer.
Wait, there’s more ! A special Web Bonus !
InsurgenceEmergenceConvergence: How to Fold Soup
Did Steve Martin, in his 1979 short story “How to Fold Soup”, offer suggestions on how to deal with multimedia.

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