TabletPC Clasroom Presenter

UW Classroom Presenter 1.9.8 –
“Classroom Presenter is a distributed presentation system for the Tablet PC. As a distributed system, the synchronized versions of the presentation are shared across multiple machines. The Tablet PC is used as the presentation device because of the high quality ink that it provides. A basic goal of Classroom Presenter is to provide an integration of computer generated slides and ink in a manner that allows instructors flexibility in delivery and interaction with the audience. Classroom Presenter has been used in a range of scenarios including distance education and in-class instruction. In the distance scenarios the instructor has lectured from a Tablet PC which was connected to computer in the remote room which displayed the slides and writing. In the in-class usage, the instructor uses a tablet pc which is connected to another machine which is driving the data projector. In the future, we will develop greater facilities for interacting with student devices in the classroom.” (Source: University of Washington)

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