MDID Digital Image Database

We are very pleased to announce that the initial release of the new version of the Madison Digital Image Database (MDID 2) software is now available to the general public. Developed at James Madison University, the MDID system brings the digital image library into the teaching and learning process. Visit the MDID web site ( where you can have some fun playing with the MDID 2 online demo, find more information about MDID 2, and download the software. Continuing the tradition of a shared educational software resource, MDID 2 is distributed free of charge under an open source license.
New Features in MDID 2
• Multiple collections and custom catalogs
• Cross-collection searching
• Personal collections and favorites
• Enhanced light table
• Flexible slideshow management
• Enhanced slideshow viewer
• Packaged slideshows for offline viewing
• Data exchange through XML

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