Final Blog Post

The mud molded my rough black boots as I carried myself down the trail for the last time. All I could think about was all the studying I had to do and that I had to get done quickly. I knew I had to try and inhale the scene, even with just a few breaths. I needed to make the frame something to be remembered. Most of the birds heard were in the distance. The stream water flowed faster than the previous week. This is due to the back to back days of rain that swept the streets.

To be honest, I don’t feel as connected to my area. Some parts of me feel sick of it. Being there feels like an obligation. I haven’t been able to keep an upbeat curious mind. I’ve been stressed with work so I haven’t been as often or for long periods of time. Last semester I took more pride in my area. I do have an appreciation and love admiring the beauty and the sounds, but I currently feel like a visitor. I know there are endless things to find in a small area but I feel I’ve dissected this space enough and I wish I could just enjoy walking there and sitting on the log, without having to have a naturalist lens.

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