In the Centennial Woods, there are a variety of different soils, most likely due to the brook cutting through the area and different elevations. My spot, according to the map on Burlington Geographic, most likely consists of loamy sand soils. Most of the soil in my area appears to be sand clay loam soil. Some of the soil, close to the brook is light brown well drained soil. Here I gathered soils from beside different trees.

This is a painting I made of the soil horizons.

Eastern White Pine. This tree persists in coarse, well drained soils.

Eastern Hemlock. This tree persists in cool, moist soils. It tends to have shallow soil compared to bedrock.

Red maple. This tree can persist in a variety of soils and is often found in nutrient poor upland sites as well as in wetlands.

Sugar maple. This tree thrives in moist, rich soils.

Yellow birch. This tree persists in basal till soils that are moderately well drained. They are found in cooler upland sites as well as wetlands.

Northern Red Oak. This tree does best in well drained soils.

White oak. This tree prefers deep soils that are well drained and wet clay soils.