Blog entry 11/20

I found my spot after wandering in Central Park. It is in a stream area above the downstream with rocks. Immediately I see all the different kinds of trees and hear the sounds of multiple different birds. The spot has so many shrubs and prickly woody plants. There were numerous birds that flew in and out of shrubs.  There were loud Blue jays, sparrows, Tufted titmouse, and a Northern Cardinal that flew to different trees across the width of the channel of the stream. It was difficult to get around the channel. I’ve been stabbed by the prickly woody trees trying to get a better look at the sparrows. A lot of the deciduous trees have leaves that are still falling, unlike the spot in Centennial Woods. There is a lot of leaf litter in the stream. It moves slowly and trickles through the rocks to the bottom area with rocks. I noticed there were a lot of squirrels chasing each other. There was also a black squirrel, something I haven’t noticed often. I still need to go back and identify many different kinds of plants; my phone died before I could get enough pictures.

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