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Here is where we can share our thoughts (between classes) about the project we’ve decided to take on as a class. The following are some initial ideas arising from our discussion in today’s class.

Project: Seedbomb Burlington

Practice/tools: seedbombs, people, boots and bikes, vacant landscapes, ecopolitical landscape analysis of Burlington (and surrounds), maps indicating candidate sites, locative media, smart phones and video cameras, Facebook page, Twitter hashtags, subreddit, Earth Day, legal research, educational packets and teach-ins, apps (for planning and carrying out seedbombings in other cities), more…

Theory: mind bombs (Greenpeace), guerrilla gardening, ecoanarchy, rhizomanalysis, seeding the earth with ideas, seeding the web with organisms…

Add ideas to your heart’s content. We can sort through them as we go, and consolidate in class next Tuesday.


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