evolving ecological media culture(s)

Week 9: Case studies


We are taking this week off from new readings. Instead the class is concentrating on critical analysis assignments and presentations.

Two of these — one on Banksy and the Critical Art Ensemble, the other on Greenpeace and the movement against the Keystone XL pipeline — were presented in class this past week. We are planning to present the remainder in next week’s class. We will also discuss how and what to share online from these analyses, and what form our final applied media projects will take.

I am also planning to rearrange the final topics a little bit. Specifically, the plan is to move up the e-waste and “material ecologies of global media” topic to April 2 (we’ll be reading parts of Maxwell and Miller’s Greening the Media for that), and to leave the final chapters of Gilbert’s Anticapitalism and Culture, alongside the continuation of the “Theorizing global network society” topic, for a later class. More on all of this soon.

Links and posts related to the case studies (and related topics) can be added below.



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