evolving ecological media culture(s)

March 26, 2013
by Adrian J Ivakhiv

Project page

Here is where we can share our thoughts (between classes) about the project we’ve decided to take on as a class. The following are some initial ideas arising from our discussion in today’s class. Project: Seedbomb Burlington

March 20, 2013
by Adrian J Ivakhiv

Week 9: Case studies

We are taking this week off from new readings. Instead the class is concentrating on critical analysis assignments and presentations. Two of these — one on Banksy and the Critical Art Ensemble, the other on Greenpeace and the movement against … Continue reading

March 2, 2013
by Adrian J Ivakhiv

Week 7: Theorizing global network society

Marshall McLuhan argued that the world was becoming a “global village.” For the theorists we are examining this week, the world has certainly become global, but it is less a village — which implies a stability and a taken-for-grantedness of … Continue reading

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