evolving ecological media culture(s)

February 20, 2013
by Adrian J Ivakhiv

Week 6: Alter-globalism & culture

As we continue reading Gilbert’s Anticapitalism and Culture, we are attempting to deepen our understanding how political-economic changes affect the cultural conditions for social (and environmental) change. Much of this entry will review the political-economic shifts we examined in class … Continue reading

February 14, 2013
by Adrian J Ivakhiv

Week 5: Cultural studies after 1968

After exploring new (digital/social/emergent) media through a variety of media studies lenses, we began looking at the possibilities these media present for democratic political projects. This week we begin our next theoretical turn: into the interdisciplinary field of “cultural studies.” … Continue reading

February 3, 2013
by Adrian J Ivakhiv

Week 4 – Mental & cultural environmentalism

With this week’s readings we move to another meaning of “media ecology” — something that Adbusters magazine calls the “mental environment” and that law professor James Boyle calls the “information environment,” the “informational commons,” the “commons of facts and ideas,” … Continue reading

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