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Media Ecologies & Cultural Politics, the 2020 pandemic/election version


This space will soon become a supplementary space — a kind of “annex” — for sharing things related to the Fall 2020 University of Vermont class “Media Ecologies and Cultural Politics.” The previous version of the course was taught in 2013, with public sharing of reading information, videos, and conversation taking place here on this blog. You can read those old posts by starting with Week 1 and following through the “Next post –>” link found toward the bottom-right of each page, below the comment field.

A lot has happened since 2013. This year’s version of the course will naturally focus on the cultural politics of media in this time and place, dominated as it is by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the looming November U.S. elections, and the crisis of race and social justice in this country.

In 2013, the course was a Senior level seminar; this year it is a junior/intermediate level class. It is also, for the first time, a fully remote/online course. Most course materials and discussions will be shared and/or unfold in a pay-walled part of the Blackboard course platform, and it’s not clear yet how much will take place in the public space of this blog. However, my hope is that some, and perhaps even all, of our critical analysis projects and applied media projects will be shared here publicly.

At any rate, public input will be welcome. A brief course description is available here. A syllabus can be read here.

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