Career Readiness Modules for Blackboard

Written by guest blogger Sarah Heath, UVM Associate Director of the Career Center

Workforce outcomes (aka: good jobs) are, research confirms, “far and away, the driving motivation for pursuing post-secondary education across all ages, races, and degree types” (D’Amico, 2018). So how can you ensure that your students graduate career-ready, able to put their learning to use for a better tomorrow?

If you’re Assistant Professor Lizzy Pope, you embed ready-made career modules in your Senior Dietetics Seminar.

Week 5 homework for these seniors was to complete the Resume Module and submit a draft resume to the Career Center for personalized feedback. The module (including 2 short videos) covers all the basics of crafting an impactful resume. In just 15-minutes the students gained essential insights on how to best present their skills and experiences.

“It was really nice to have comprehensive information about resumes and building a LinkedIn Profile in one place for students to go to. Thanks for making these modules available to instructors!” – Prof. Pope, Nutrition & Food Sciences.

Without relinquishing precious class time or needing career expertise, Professor Pope helped prepare her students to articulate their academic learning as career competencies to future employers. These seniors took it one step further in week 7 and created LinkedIn profiles following completion of that module.

You too can galvanize student learning by incorporating career-readiness in your syllabus. Career modules can be added to any Blackboard site as the first part of a “flipped” assignment (followed by an in-person discussion), a stand-alone homework assignment, or in tandem with a presentation by Career Center Peer Mentors. Every module is fully customizable to your course objectives and can include optional assignments.

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To learn more, join us for a demo of the modules, hear how other faculty are incorporating them, and get access to the modules relevant to your class at the upcoming workshop: Plug & Play Career Readiness Modules: Mon, Nov 25, 9:00am-10:30am.  



D’Amico, C. (2018, February 13). Why go to college? Student perspectives on higher ed. Real Clear Education.


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