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November 2nd, 2007
Here is a collection of resources both used in today’s class as well as additional resources
Flickr: Search on “Vermont” under creative commons license
Flickr search results
In addition to the resources we have discussed today in our audio editing workshop, I have created this post with links to resources that we have collected that have helped us in the past with audio editing and podcasting. This is a mixture of articles, how to’s and ways to use podcasts in education. We hope you find these links useful.

strong>Podcasting Resources:
Podcasts: Improving Quality and Accessibility, from the Journal
Legal Guide:
Podcasting Legal Guide by Creative Commons
Faculty Examples:
Charlie Rathbone’s Wiki Space
Paul Martin’s Podcast for YOU!
Will Richardson’s Blog, author of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms
Poducate Me
Podcasting for Professors
Podcasting for Teachers
Yahoo Search Engine Podcasts Directory, listen to a huge variety of podcasts for free
University of Vermont, iTunesU site
How to’s:

Directions for making a podcast with Audicity or GarageBand by Yahoo

GarageBand tutorials, from the Apple website
GarageBand, by Apple Computer (comes pre-loaded with a Mac Computer)
Audacity, a free audio editing program
Odeo Studio, create your on free podcast with the easy Odeo Studio interface
RSS feed readers for Podcasting
Doppler, subscribe to RSS feeds for your favorite podcasts
Publish to UVM Zoo files (Web Access)
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