What banners?

About those banner images at the top of the site here… The idea started when we were designing the whole thing with the first banner, the cows. The image was great, but we needed a way to display “CTL” or “Center for Teaching & Learning”. Then it hit us… give her an ear tag like many other cows have!
So, the idea took off…. Some of us spent the whole first weekend of this site’s existence making banner images for the site, finding fun photos and playing with them. Which leads me to the idea of finding fun photos. MOST of the photos up there were taken by a member or friend of the CTL staff (some of which are even available on Flickr), and some were found through a simple Google Image search. If a photo is stamped with a copyright tag, we (I) won’t use it, but if it isn’t and it’s on the web, then we (I) feel it’s fair game.
If you don’t like a banner, tough. However, if you really don’t like one being up there, let us know (and let us know WHY) and we’ll probably remove it. Or, we’ll pass the email around and have a good laugh– depends on the day.

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