Operating In Chaos

I realize how much my mind operates in sequential patterns AND how important it is to see the wisdom of opportunity in chaos. Multiple dynamics are operative now as department committees, program committees, soon-to-be college committees, union activities and various faculties get involved with the transformation processes now under way. My desire is to contain and plan a strategy that would sequentially bring greater pressure to bear on the decision makers; especially pressure that requires a disposition to know what we do BEFORE action to limit or change or otherwise constrain it takes place.

This is not possible now. It is pure fantasy to think anything as complicated as this multiple front effort can be contained. Wishing it to be otherwise is wasted effort.

Chips will fall where they may. When all is said and done, let us hope the effort has been worth it. Frankly, I have no idea if we are ending old programs or creating new ones in the long run. In the short run, the efforts are definitely being driven by initiatives designed to preserve programs and positions, all focusing of course on saving the jobs of our colleagues. Unless the current process is halted, we have moved beyond that point. Accommodations will not be what was once in place. Whatever happens from this point on will be new territory for us all.

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Charles Rathbone

Retired. Emeritus. UDL consultant, FIrst UU Racial Justice Committee, photographer, married, four children, five grandchildren. Embracing life, all of it. "Today is tomorrow's past."

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