Lest I Forget


Earlier in the week, the wind chill was -4F. walking into work. That is waaaaaay too cold for early in December. A pictoral memory of the way the Green was once not too long ago may carry me through the next few months. Always (well, usually) the perpetual optimist, at least I’m awake when I enter the building on these very dark mornings. The solstice approaches. Come quickly. Please.

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Charles Rathbone

Retired. Emeritus. Conducts a seminar on university teaching to doctoral students in the Rubenstein School of Natural Resources once a year. Board Member Vermont Interfaith Action, volunteer and advocate Burlington Bike Project, UDL consultant VSA Vermont, photographer, married, four children, five grandchildren, and one Golden Doodle. Embracing life, all of it. "Today is tomorrow's past."

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