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NEERO 2006

Symposium: The Role of Voice in the Pursuit of Just Schooling

Paper: Inviting the Young Adolescent Perspective on Schooling,

Authors: Penny A. Bishop and Susanna W. Pflaum

How well do schools meet the needs of young adolescents? Educational research has long relied upon adult informants to determine what young learners require. The postmodern critique of traditional research paradigms asserts that persons who are powerful and established typically are those who interpret schooling while the less powerful and less established are not heard (Denzin & Lincoln, 1998). This paper presents an alternative to this silenced voice, by examining the historically under-represented perspective of middle grades learners in educational research. In particular, we present the drawings and words of sixty young adolescents, as both indicators of students’ academic engagement and as an important, alternative source of data.

Denzin, N. & Lincoln, Y. (1998). Collecting and interpreting qualitative materials.

Corwin Press.

Neero 2006

Symposium: The Role of Voice in the Pursuit of Just Schooling

Paper: Reliving Lived Experience In The Service of More Equitable Teaching

Author: Charles Rathbone, Ph.D.

What does it mean to provide a safe learning space for adult African American students? What are the lessons one white male professor can take from his own life to understand better his commitment to more equitable and anti-racist teaching in a predominantly white institution? Can there be meaning in this inquiry for other white teachers? Tusmith asserts that the mere possibility of meaning is enough to engage the challenge, despite the risk (Tusmith, 2003). Using scholarly personal narrative (Nash, 2004), this paper presents the learning of one professor as he engaged the events of his personal and professional life and his continuing learning about how to provide a safe learning space for all his students.

Tusmith, B. (2003). Activist academic: memoir of an ethnic literature professor. In D. P. Freedman & O. Frey (Eds.) Autobiographical Writings Across the Disciplines (p. 126). Durham: Duke University Press.

Nash, R. (2004). Liberating Scholarly Writing: The power of personal narrative. New York: Teachers College Press.

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