A working title with chapter headings

Title: Teaching Others / Teaching Self: My life as a teacher.

1. Now.

The girl in class.

Why choose this story to begin? What it shows about the decisions I make and the methods I employ as a teacher.



effects on them, effects on me

Where did I learn all this stuff. What were the influences.

The Roadmap

The Drawing

Significant Points and Surrounding Contexts

Social – the “times” and their effect

Pedagogical – where I learned about teaching

Personal – baggage I brought to the task

Positioning – privileged white male

2. Early programming.

Pictures in the red book.

School memories.

Miss Kendrick’s fourth grade.

The migrant kids.

High School earth science.

Lots of activities.

Throwing up student council experiences.


TV and the Bus Boycott

3. College

Going to college. Boxed in. No choices.




Time of threat.

Growing up in the cold war.

Intellectual growth: the truth of multiple perspectives.

What comes after?

The inevitability of fighting or alternative service after graduation.

The rejection, the bounce, UTPP.

4. Learning to Teach: teaching as a social justice mission


What’s good money?

Marching in Montgomery.



5. The Move To Vermont

Cleveland or Burlington: was this a choice

What informed me then.

early childhood

kindergarten classes


6. Vermont


Political Encroachment

The Standards Board

the promise

the fall

political games in the name of equity

Standards and Curriculum

Barnes: the decision

7. Complex Instruction

working with dottie

data informed

structured inquiry



delegating authority

status – focus where it should be

emphasis on the “all”

it works

the girl in class

empowering my students, empowering me.

8. Epilogue – Uncovering my hidden curriculum

gender and race

what I’ve come to know

the me others say I am

the me I say I am

keeping on, with ever larger senses

contact, relationship, growing through others

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