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This is an absolutely fascinating read. The interplay of position, awareness of position, reaction and proaction, anger and acceptance, fury and love, all around the lullaby of slumber is so revealing and instructive. Turning the questions to me…

how do I identify

how am I identified

who do I try to please

how do I know myself

where is my fury placed

what is my accommodation

what are the benefits and burdens of this accommodation

how am I moving forward

what accommodations am I making from a place of sleep

what accommodations am I making from a state of awakeness

what is the lullaby I hear

the dream – candle wax, protection, fire angels, laurens, golden candles, meltings, roofs cracking open, the flood of sunlight…protector

We become what we are

by the refusal of that

which others have made us.

Jean Paul Sartre

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Charles Rathbone

Retired. Emeritus. UDL consultant, FIrst UU Racial Justice Committee, photographer, married, four children, five grandchildren. Embracing life, all of it. "Today is tomorrow's past."

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