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Worked most of the time I had today – which was interrupted with babysitting, Justin leaving, getting ready for VIA, and dinner prep – on the big picture. What’s interesting here is that I’m thinking about the neero paper, thinking about the primer, and rethinking now about the spn book. After today, the spn book looms large. In trying to get a handle on the neero paper, I drew a web flow why cycle of all these connections. Turns out, with my writing during the Fall and my thinking the last two weeks, the life cycle has kind of come together at least from my current perspective. I think today, with a good chunk of time for writing, I’ll start the neero paper and see where it takes me. I’m drawn to use a really big sheet of paper to do the real web but that would be a birdwalk at this point. I need a day for writing. I wish there were some way to capture the web here. But with present technology, I’m not able. Not to worry.

Thank you Martin.

Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

Still. And probably



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