spiraling thoughts on new course work

finished cover letter and prospectus. courtney got my resume ready. a few things to add on Monday and bingo, off to mr. dragin. I’m feeling happy to get this out and a bit afraid they are going to buy it! then what? I’ll have to write a book???

reviewed more of the competition and this process has really got me psyched for doing a more general course on collaborative strategies in the classroom. group investigations, jigsaws, tournaments, group work, cooperative work groups…they all sound pretty interesting and I could use all the small group theory I know to support this work as well as the differentiation strategies.

key to this book is the idea of student voice. using those student papers. now whether that will be a strength (targetting successfully an audience that teachers like myself really want to be spoken to) or a weakness (limits the potential audience) remains to be seen

key also is the heart that I think this book will put back into the dialogue. what it means to an undergraduate to be successful. what it means to a kid in a classroom to be seen as competent (both + and – … the moses honor story). interesting stuff.

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