How Do People Learn? #1

Remembering something deeply has to do with what you think about. A comment on memory, learning, and performance. “Students remember – what they think about.”

How Do People Learn? #2

Perhaps teaching to perceived learning styles isn’t what it’s cracked up to be? An example of teacher folk knowledge?

Heacox Planning Matrix

This matrix is an addition to our traditional lesson planning format. It enables you to have a ready format to encourage thinking about differentiation.Download file

Equitable Classroom Environment Rubric

Since DI is a comprehensive approach to making instruction more equitable, here’s a rubric developed by Vermont educators that lays out our version of what constitutes equitable instruction.Download file

Lesson Plan Format

I’m putting the elementary program’s version of a lesson planning format here to give those of you who will be planning instructional events for the first time. Download file

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Study Guides

Here’s a good place to post resources for your course. You can make a new post for each section. For example, you could put links to study guides in this section.