Senior Series: Marketing Yourself

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3 Steps to Standing Out From the Crowd

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, it’s more essential than ever to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Though qualifications and previous experience play a factor, properly marketing yourself can elevate you among a pool of candidates and ultimately win you the gig.

Through establishing a consistent personal brand, playing to your strengths and networking, you can become a self-marketing pro!

  1. Build Your Brand

What do the biggest and most successful brands have in common? They sell a consistent, cohesive experience. Strive to emulate this when assembling and auditing your online presence. First, look at your public social media activity through the eyes of a hiring manager. Does anything seem questionable?

Next, Google yourself. Familiarizing yourself with your unique search results can give you a better sense of where your personal brand currently stands. Try setting up a custom alert for your name to stay up-to-date on new mentions.

Consider building a website to tell your story, showcase your expertise and improve your visibility. There are several cost-effective services that let you register and host a domain while making easy, front end edits. Load up your site with rich, succinct information and link to any other relevant social or content channels.

  1. Play to Your Strengths

As an increasing number of jobs move into the digital space, employers and recruiters are seeking multifaceted applicants. For example, a social media position often assumes basic photography and copywriting skills in addition to familiarity with current social platforms, strategy and analytics. Whether it’s the tightly edited GoPro video you shot last ski season or a well-curated Instagram account, find a way to leverage your unique strengths.

  1. Network

So you’ve built a killer personal brand and have identified which strengths are your greatest assets, now it’s time to put yourself out there! Forging personal and professional connections in your field can open the door to opportunities you never knew existed.

There’s no magic bullet or surefire solution guaranteed to win you results 100 percent of the time. However, following these tips can put you on the path to success and help you stand out from the crowd.

~Ben Bonaccio
Social Media Marketing Manager at Long Trail Brewing

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