How to Impress at the Career Fair

Maurice and a colleague from Sherwin Williams

The Fall Career Fair is next week! Career Fairs offer you an easy opportunity to get information about career fields, to network with alumni & employers, and maybe even find a job or internship. Check out the Career Center website for videos and tips for success. You’ll also find helpful information Career Fair Prep Day on October 27 at the Hub.

Another source of support is from employers, so we asked Maurice Howard for some insight.

Maurice is an Area Recruitment Specialist with Sherwin-Williams and he’s been to hundreds of Career Fairs at UVM and across the country. He really enjoys speaking with students and alumni (even those who don’t know what they are looking for) and likes learning about students, campus, and activities. Like many employers, he wants to make sure he’s available for all of the job seekers who want to speak with him during an event. (ie: Don’t hog an employer’s time if there are others waiting.)

Maurice says that a candidate can stand out (in a good way) at a Career Fair by “coming to the event, dressed in professional attire, doing research on the company, and presenting a fun (professional) fact about themselves.” If you haven’t done your research, he says it’s best to “be honest by saying you haven’t had a chance to research, but would like to learn more about an organization.  Listening and asking good questions is key.”

Sherwin-Williams looks for “candidates interested in a career in management and sales. Students with strong work ethics, team players, and natural leaders are a good fit for us.”

Meet Maurice or one of the other 128 employers at the Career Fair on October 28 in the Davis Center.


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