Finding the Right Fit: Assessing an Organization’s Culture in Your Job Search

Staff picture from Galen Healthcare Solutions

As Summer & graduation looms near, you may be scrambling to get job applications completed, but how much thought are you putting into the places you apply to? Sure, they may be one of the highest-ranked businesses in their industry, but have you looked into their workplace culture? Bottom line: will you be happy working there?

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Resumes and Cover Letters: Opening Doors

Three open white doors on the yellow wall. Rays of light shine through the open door.

Human Resources (HR) Directors see a lot of resumes and cover letters – one local HR professional is sharing her tips for success with you!

Resumes and cover letters can open doors to opportunities for you.  Done correctly, they help secure a phone call or interview with the Human Resources team or hiring manager.  Below are some tips on how to get your resume and cover letter right:
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Job Shadowing Advice

Past Job Shadowing pictures

If you’re thinking about participating in the 2016 winter break Job Shadowing program, we have assembled some advice from last year’s UVM Job Shadowers.

Don’t be shy: Your host is there to help

  • “Don’t be afraid. If you go in with confidence, you will leave with so much knowledge. The hosts want to help, just let them show you the way.”
  • “Ask a lot of questions. That’s what they’re there for!”
  • “Don’t be nervous! They’re really friendly! If they weren’t they wouldn’t be participating in this program!”
  • “From my experience, the only thing I wasn’t expecting was how friendly and helpful everyone at KGA was.”

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